Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get a Sneak Peek of Deuteranomaly!

With less than a week until we open, we know you're dying for a sneak peek at Deuteranomaly! We're not going to reveal the crazy pyrotechnics and show-stopping musical number*, but check out these publicity shots from photographer Joe Wehry!

The cast of Deuteranomaly (from right to left): David J. Goldberg, Erika Lee, Vinnie Penna, & Dee Dee Friedman

Allen (Vinnie Penna) illustrates a point to Leah (Dee Dee Friedman).

Cassandra (Erika Lee) and her boyfriend David (David J. Goldberg) share a laugh.

Mother and son: Leah (Dee Dee Friedman) and David (David J. Goldberg).

Allen and Leah (Vinnie Penna and Dee Dee Friedman) share a moment.

Like father, like son (David J. Goldberg, Vinnie Penna).

Cassandra and David (Erika Lee and David J. Goldberg) enjoy the moment.
This scene is not in the play. It probably should be.
 Intrigued? Of course you are! Buy your tickets to Deuteranomaly today!

*NOTE: The fact that pyrotechnics and a musical number are mentioned in this post does not constitute a guarantee that these things actually occur in Deuteranomaly.

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