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"What is little more than an off-hand conversation becomes a rich comedy of ideas in Fleitman's hands. The play is both a warm glimpse at modern parenting and an examination of the deathly seriousness that lies at the heart of Jewish humor."

"[Deuteranomaly] is funny but also sad. Director Paula D'Alessandris brings much laughter into a process all parents should try: letting go. This is a thought-provoking evening of theater."

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Praise for DEUTERANOMALY'S writer/director team's last production, THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID, featuring returning cast members David J. Goldberg* and Vinnie Penna*!

“A clever romp!”

"Fleitman has a real knack for dialogue [...]. Credit must also be given to the direction by Paula D’Alessandris, and the extremely comedic performances, particularly Vinnie Penna as Louis Leland and David J. Goldberg as Barry Pesci, which takes the very good dialogue and insane logic to a place where I was laughing hard enough that I worried I might upset the rest of the audience—only to realize they were right there with me. [...] I really liked this show. I can’t stress this enough. It’s easily in my top three festival shows of all time and one of the best pieces I’ve seen in a long time."

"BOTTOM LINE: The Average-Sized Mermaid is a wonderfully written adult fairy tale about keeping your dignity through the hardships of love."

* Courtesy AEA 

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