Friday, June 1, 2012

Pictures from Opening Night!

"I've always wondered if we see things the same, or if
we only think we do."
(Vinnie Penna* and Dee Dee Friedman*)

Deuteranomaly had a fantastic opening night and we were able to grab some fabulous production stills! Peruse them at your leisure, enjoy how good-looking and talented everyone appears to be, and then head to our TICKETS page so you can confirm in person how good-looking and talented everyone is by reserving your seat for one of our five remaining performances (including one tomorrow, June 2nd, at 10:00 PM!).

For the full album of production stills, visit Mind the Gap Theatre's Flickr page by clicking here. See below for some of our favorite shots from the show!

David (David J. Goldberg*) lights a candle and reads a thing.
Allen and Leah share a moment.
(Vinnie Penna* and Dee Dee Friedman*)
Cass and David (Erika Lee and David J. Goldberg*) get cozy.
David and Cass do not see eye to eye. Literally.
(David J. Goldberg* and Erika Lee)
Greenberg family reunion.
(David J. Goldberg*, Dee Dee Friedman*, & Vinnie Penna*)
"Close your eyes!"
(Dee Dee Friedman* and David J. Goldberg*)
*Appearing courtesy AEA

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